Dispossessory Filing

A dispossessory warrant is a term used to refer to eviction proceedings brought by a landlord against a tenant. A dispossessory warrant is issued to evict someone (the lessee) from real property. We will file the paperwork in order to start the eviction process.

Eviction Labor

Our experienced eviction labor crews (consisting of at least 5 eviction specialists and one supervisor depending on county requirements) . We coordinate the scheduling of the eviction with the appropriate Marshall’s/ Sheriff’s Dept. to ensure they will be there on time. We will also secure the property by providing locksmith services.

Cleaning / Haul Outs

If your tenant has already vacated, or if the eviction has been done, the property may still be in a state of chaos. Alpha Evictions can provide you with our "clean-out" and hauling service that will restore your property getting it ready to present to a potential tenant.